Impressing Property Viewers: Estate Agents Tips

While it’s often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, many estate agents in Manchester highlight to clients who are renting and selling their home, that presentation is an essential element to enhancing interest amongst prospective parties.

Each time you welcome a viewer into your home, this is the ideal opportunity to showcase the potential of the property. Therefore, receiving negative feedback following a viewing isn’t a pleasant experience and can be disheartening.

 Irrespective of whether the property on the market is own your home or an investment property, it’s important that you devote time and effort in ensuring that the property looks its best to create a positive first impression.

Manchester estate agents Pad Residential offer advice on how to impress viewers.

Primary thoughts are pivotal for people searching for a new property. 84% of buyers have said that their final decision is influenced by their initial feelings, while 76% indicated that first impressions were pivotal when viewing a property.

More people are embracing a lifestyle change and are deciding to work and live in the city centre. For instance, Manchester had an 84% increase in city centre jobs between 1998 and 2015. Therefore, estate agents in Manchester are being inundated with requests for properties in the sales and lettings markets, respectively.

Whether your property is based in the throngs of the city or nearby suburbs, Manchester estate agents Pad Residential is delighted to share the following guidelines to help you impress future viewers.

Estate Agents Tips

Consider Curb Appeal

When attempting to sell or rent a property, never underestimate the power of curb appeal. It’s not unusual for interested parties to examine the property from the outside before deciding whether to book a viewing with their local estate agents. 

The majority of viewers are attracted to homes with low levels of upkeep; if the condition of the property hasn’t been well-maintained, this can be unappealing. If required, give your property a new lease of life: Ensure the garden is presentable, arrange for any repairs to be completed and paint the property, where needed.

Offer a Blank Canvas

When advertising a property, attracting viewers is often considered the most difficult challenge. Therefore, it’s important to astound every viewer who comes through the door in a bid to seal the all-important deal.

Simple tricks of the trade can be used to heighten the lure of a property. For example, a light, fresh interior comprising neutral colour schemes will make space seem bigger and therefore, more appealing to the viewer. 

During a viewing, the client is deciphering whether the property is suitable for their requirements; incorporating a simple interior can present a blank canvas to the person(s), allowing them to consider whether they envision themselves setting up home in the property.

Niche decoration choices may not appeal to a wide market and should be avoided. Although contentious design choices can be easily changed if a move materialises, they can also quite easily divert the viewer’s attention elsewhere. Furthermore, always declutter your property before the viewers arrive.

Cleanliness is Key

Any property owner needs to clean before estate agents send a representative to host a viewing.

Once again, first impressions can make or break a person’s decision to press ahead with a deal, so don’t present them with an uninviting mess when they walk through the door.

A clean house not only makes the property a much more appealing option, but there’s also the implication that an owner prioritising cleanliness has also maintained other important areas of the property, such as gutters and plumbing.

Remove Pets

Although some visitors will think your pet is adorable, others may be uneasy around animals.

Therefore, after confirming the appointment with your estate agents, make arrangements with friends, family, or neighbours to look after the pet for a short period whilst the viewing is taking place.

Unleash Your Property’s Potential

During a viewing, it’s pivotal that the prospective buyer or tenant can establish the genuine potential of the property. Remember, not everyone can think outside the box, so unambiguously demonstrate what your property has to offer.

Ensure that each room is showing off its full potential by including the correct furnishings, fittings, appliances and decorative features.

Wear and tear are inevitable with any property, yet some hacks can solve minor issues, whilst keeping costs low. For example, if carpets are worn, consider patching the damaged areas, rather than paying for a new carpet to be fitted.

With an increasing number of newbuilds entering the market, properties with original period features are in high demand. Therefore, if there are antique fireplaces, cornices and ceiling roses in the property that you’re advertising, seriously consider restoring them to impress viewers.

Pad Residential: Estate Agents Marketing in Manchester and Beyond

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Our team of specialist staff are available at our head office in Manchester city centre, to discuss your requirements.

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