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Should You Invest in a Rural or City Property?

An Insight Provided by Pad Residential, an Estate Agents in Manchester Manchester estate agents Pad Residential is continually offering advice and support for property hunters who are searching for their ideal investment. However, with rural living and city living both... read more

An Estate Agents Guide to Purchasing Your First Home

Estate Agents Manchester

There are estate agents, Manchester-based and further afield, offering specialist support for first-time buyers. Pad Residential are amongst such companies who provide guidance. Some moments are regarded as landmark occasions during a person’s life. Setting foot on the... read more

Essential Information for Accidental Landlords

Estate Agents in Manchester provide support for accidental landlords.

What is an Accidental Landlord? Many landlords relish the responsibilities of managing their property and renting a house or flat to a tenant, with estate agents in Manchester offering guidance and support. For many, renting properties is their main source of income. On... read more

Why Do People Move Home?

estate agents Manchester

Last year, there were over 17,000 house sales in Manchester alone, with estate agents such as Pad Residential providing expert assistance for clients relocating to a new home. While a house move can test the patience of the most patient person, there are... read more

Benefits of Consulting Property Lettings Specialists

Gaining a preliminary foothold on the property ladder can be challenging; saving enough money for an initial deposit can be tough, irrespective of whether you’re buying a property on your own, or with a partner. Consequently, more people are choosing to rent, a detail that... read more

Impressing Property Viewers: Estate Agents Tips

While it’s often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, many estate agents in Manchester highlight to clients who are renting and selling their home, that presentation is an essential element to enhancing interest amongst prospective parties. Each time you welcome... read more

Pad Residential: New Year, Exciting Ambitions

Pad Residential is excited to welcome a new year and the beginning of a new decade, with the company keen to maintain stellar sales and lettings services for every client, in a bid to enhance an already impressive reputation as leading estate agents within the north... read more

Using a Tenant Finding Service in 2020

2019 is drawing to a close, and with a new decade on the horizon, landlords are putting plans in place in a bid to maximise their yield during the new year. While some proprietors will be content with their existing occupants, many property owners have begun searching far... read more

Festive Tips for Moving at Christmas

Though Christmas is a magical time of the year, the festive period can be hectic, all the same. With family events, Christmas shopping and annual work celebrations filling the diary, this prompts the question: Why are estate agents in Manchester inundated with people who... read more

Property Maintenance Manchester – Why is it Important?

There are times in our lives when our bank balance feels the pinch, or responsibilities mount up; in such instances, run-of-the-mill repairs to a property can slip under the radar for owners and landlords. Manchester property maintenance companies recommend that essential works... read more

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