A Checklist For New Landlords

Becoming a landlord can be a scary and daunting task. There many regulations and rules that need to be followed to ensure the safety of both your properties and protection from the law. Below we have composed a checklist of things that need to be considered on a room-by-room basis when first becoming a landlord.


view of kitchen


  1. Sinks and Drains must be clear
  2. Preparation surfaces and walls must be in good condition
  3. Ensure all electrical appliances are safe and that instruction manuals are provided for all items
  4. Install an extractor fan to prevent damp
  5. Make sure that gas appliances are ‘Gas Safe’ tested and certified within each 12 month period
  6. We recommend you conduct an NICEIC test (electrical test on the property) every 5 years


view of sofa in living room

Living Room/ Communal Areas

  1. Ensure that large electrical appliances are checked regularly and are electrically safe
  2. All furniture and soft furnishing must comply with fire and safety regulations
  3. A recent change in the law means that all rented properties must have a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm fitted in them. It’s also recommended that properties should have a smoke alarm on each floor
  4. Make sure that all stairs have bannisters
  5. Make sure to keep an in-date ‘Gas Safe’ record for the boiler, a copy for yourselves and tenants
  6. External flue vents around the boiler and outside of the house must be free from blockages and obstruction
  7. All window keys must be made available to tenants




  1. Make sure that the furniture provided is fired safely
  2. It’s recommended to provide all mattresses with a mattress protector
  3. Internal decoration must be in good condition and any repairs must be undertaken within a reasonable space of time




  1. Ensure that sanitary ware and drainage is in good condition and works efficiently
  2. If using an electric power shower, make sure that circuit board alterations and installations have been carried out and are certified to meet Part P regulations
  3. Make sure that manuals are provided for all bathroom goods
  4. We recommend that you carry out a legionella test



  1. All outdoor spaces to be kept in good order
  2. Ponds must be fenced or covered
  3. Garages and Sheds must be provided clean and with locks
  4. Chimneys should be inspected often to avoid the risk of them falling or collapsing
  5. Roofs must be inspected to avoid the risk of falling and collapse



  1. If you’re a non UK landlord, you can apply for a tax exemption certificate https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/non-resident-landlord-application-to-have-uk-rental-income-without-deduction-of-uk-tax-individuals-nrl1
  2. Make sure that all security deposits are registered with a scheme. We use the Deposit Protection Scheme https://www.depositprotection.com/
  3. It is now a legal requirement to have a current Energy Performance Certificate before renting out your property, which has to be rated at least a grade E
  4. Ensure that the property has adequate buildings and contents insurance
  5. We recommend giving a complete inventory of all fixtures and fittings, including detailed photographs, that must be completed before any tenant moves in
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