Why Do People Move Home?

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Last year, there were over 17,000 house sales in Manchester alone, with estate agents such as Pad Residential providing expert assistance for clients relocating to a new home.

While a house move can test the patience of the most patient person, there are circumstances whereby circumstances dictate, prompting an individual or a family to leave their existing home.

There’s no doubting that moving to a new house is an experience that is often stressful; not only does it engross a substantial amount of time, but the process can be expensive, prompting the question: Why do people decide to approach estate agents and uproot in the first place?

Reasons Property Hunters Contact Estate Agents in Manchester

The Owner/Tenant Needs More Space

Estate agents in Manchester and beyond will often support the notion that a buyer’s first property is unlikely to be their ‘forever home.’

After living in the home for a while, personal circumstances often change, prompting the need for a bigger property. For example, a solo buyer may have welcomed their partner into their home intending to start a family together, in which case, a small property is no longer likely to be suitable.

Furthermore, there are also circumstances whereby an occupant may want a change in lifestyle. For example, they may have initially sought a small, city-centre based apartment, before deciding that they want to relocate into the suburbs to buy a larger property and enjoy a calmer lifestyle.

Home Improvements

While an owner may consider their property to be ‘homely’, it’s somewhat rare for people to consider their house or apartment to be completely perfect.

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It’s often the case that owners become restless and long for improvements that can’t be made at their existing property. Therefore, this leaves them with little choice, but to sell their existing property and upgrade to a new home befitting of their requirements.

Quality of Education

Naturally, parents want to secure the best educational opportunities for their children.

However, there are circumstances whereby their offspring could miss out on a place at their preferred school because they don’t fall into the qualifying catchment area.

Manchester is home to a selection of revered educational institutions and there are cases whereby people will contact estate agents to see which properties are available within the relevant area, often choosing to move to a new house to enhance the likelihood of their child securing a place at their preferred school.

Children Grow Up

There is an average of 1.7 children per UK household. This warrants the need for a house large enough to accommodate the whole family.

Naturally, children get older and many leave to go to university before eventually moving into their own home. Therefore, when this time does arrive, this can prompt parents to downsize to a property that’s suitable for their new circumstances.

Marriage or Development in a Relationship

A relationship can influence a potential house move in two ways.

Firstly, many consider moving in together to be the next natural step for the progression of a long-term relationship. Sometimes, one of the partners will have to sell their house if they are both homeowners.

Unfortunately, there are circumstances whereby people move in together and encounter irreparable relationship complications further down the line. When the couple separates, this often results in the house being put on the market.

Career Development Opportunities

It’s always nice to know that your hard work is being appreciated and being offered a new work opportunity is exciting.

However, while a new role may be enticing, such circumstances can often lead to an employee calling estate agents to begin their process of organising a move. For example, the commute to the office may be too long and could prove to be having an impact from a financial and social perspective.

While a new job may represent a dream opportunity, geographically, it must be feasible. Therefore, moving home is often considered as an obvious way to rectify travelling issues.

Budget Amendments

Running a home is expensive – mortgage repayments, utility bills, as well as added amenities such as the internet, food shopping etc. can accumulate and prove costly. 

In some instances, the breadwinner in the home can experience a sudden change in income, and there’s a need to sell a house to avoid running into financial problems.

Pad Residential: A Resourceful Estate Agents in Manchester City Centre

There are a variety of reasons that can prompt people to begin the search for a new property and there truly isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to assisting people in need of support.

Here at Pad Residential, we consider the individual requirements of every one of our clients, to ensure that we provide a customised, bespoke service, befitting of your requirements.

Are you in need of expert property advice? Whether you’re a homeowner hoping to sell your existing home and purchase elsewhere, or if you’re a tenant approaching the end of your agreement with your current landlord, call the team on 0161 839 9654 to speak with our specialist team – we’d be delighted to help you Get a Pad.

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