Three Interior Design Pinterest Boards That You Need To Follow

Whether you’re buying a new home, re-decorating or just simply wanting a light spruce up, Pinterest is the best place to gather ideas and inspiration.

It’s a great way to gather your thoughts and create boards around the things you love the most. Pinterest is a hub for all things interior design, and we have decided to share our favourite three with you, to help get those creative juices flowing.

Beautiful Spaces

This Pinterest board was created by Katie Kime. They are an online store selling beautifully designed prints across homeware and fashion ranges.

As you can imagine, the board is full or bright colours and clashing patterns, creating the ultimate wow factor.

This board would be great for someone trying to grow confidence in adding color to their homes.


House of Jade are the proud owners of the ‘Bedrooms’ Pinterest board. This beautiful board hosts a variety of neutrally-toned bedrooms, featuring modern, four-poster beds and clean, white bedding.

There are also plenty of wooden features, off set against pale, white walls.

If you’re looking to create a lighter, and more spacious area in your home, this board is definitely worth a visit.

Jenny Wolf Interiors

Jenny Wolf is a well-proclaimed interior designer based in New York. However, the work that she produces often centres around British culture, with the union jack taking pride of place above the mantlepiece in many of her designs.

She is extremely bold in her use of patterns, often bringing together both old and new. Florals are also a common theme inn her work, whilst she uses dark and lavish furniture to centre point her master pieces.

This board is definitely something to look at if you’re becoming more confident using bold colours and want to take things to the next level.

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