The Hot Topic: No DSS And Equality Laws

DSS stands for Department of Social Security, an old phrase that means anyone who is utilising government benefits. There is increasing pressure on landlords and letting agents whom advertise ‘no DSS’ on their properties as it is considered a form of discrimination.

A recent legal case resulted in a single mother being awarded compensation from a letting agency which refused to consider her as a tenant due to the fact she was on state benefit.

The compensation fee amounted to £2,000 and was considered a case of indirect sexual discrimination. This was due to the assumption that women are more likely to be caring for children and therefore working part-time and as a result, more likely to top up their income by claiming housing benefit.

Worried about DSS Tenants?

Everyone has a history, and a lot of DSS tenants have rental history.

Information on where the tenant has lived previously and the reasoning behind their proposed move should be readily available.

It is favourable when DSS tenants have previous landlords as you are able to obtain reliable references.

Here are some specific questions you may wish to ask:

  • Did you have any problems from tenants?
  • Did tenants treat the property well?
  • Were payments collected in full and on time? Were there any delays?
  • Is there anything else you can tell us about the tenant which may be relevant?

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