How Landlords Can Enjoy A Stress-Free Christmas

Book A Quarterly Inspection













We recommend visiting your tenants for an inspection once every quarter, to check that everything and everyone is in order. Booking in an inspection will help to lower your stress levels, especially if you do this before Christmas! This way, you can both raise any issues or concerns you may have. This will also help to enforce a positive relationship between you and will help to show the tenant that you care about their needs and well-being.

Finish Any Repairs











If there are currently any repairs going on in the house, we recommend getting these done before Christmas. Once the bad weather hits, things can become problematic in the house if they aren’t working properly. Additionally, tradespeople will be less likely to help and potentially inaccessible. For convenience, you may wish to ask your tenants if they are going away over the festive period, this way you can carry out maintenance in a convenient way for everybody.


Allow Your Tenants To Decorate










Whilst painting a wall, or adding fitted wardrobes may be a no-no, hanging up some festive decorations is likely to cause very little damage to the property. Some tenants may feel uneasy or nervous about doing this, so send them a friendly email, letting them know they can put up decorations for Christmas, so long as no lasting damage is caused.

Plan For Emergencies

It’s Christmas Morning, you’re enjoying a nice glass of Sherry, and receive a phone call saying that a pipe has burst in your tenant’s house, half an hour away. This is not the best case scenario but can be avoided with careful planning. Instead, email them over a list of people to contact, should they have any issues whilst you are unavailable.

Send Them A Christmas Card












The stereotype of the ‘Scrooge Landlord’ can be broken! Send your tenants a Christmas card or small gift this year. This is a great way to continue a positive relationship and tenants will greatly appreciate the thought you put into it. A little bit of effort certainly goes a long way – and who knows, maybe you’ll get a little present in return!

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