Festive Tips for Moving at Christmas

Though Christmas is a magical time of the year, the festive period can be hectic, all the same.

With family events, Christmas shopping and annual work celebrations filling the diary, this prompts the question: Why are estate agents in Manchester inundated with people who want to move to a new house during the Christmas season?

Despite many estate agents reducing their opening times during the holidays, this doesn’t deter buyers and sellers from pushing ahead with their plans before the turn of the year. 

While the benefits of moving to a new house during the festive season are the source of continual debate, there are many estate agents are advocates of a seasonal house move.

Estate agents are continuing to help people move during the Christmas period.

Measures can be applied to ensure that moving before the turn of the year is straightforward for buyers, sellers, as well as the estate agents. 

Here is a selection of strategies that can be utilised to speed up the process and prompt a swift move during the Christmas period:

Research Estate Agents

Irrespective of when you’re moving to a new house, picking the right estate agents is essential.

Although it may be tempting to pick the cheapest option, saving money will pale into insignificance if your property is on the market for an elongated period. Therefore, don’t be afraid to pay prices that will yield results.

It’s relatively straightforward to identify estate agents who shouldn’t be considered and those who you should trust. A reputable agent will communicate, offer support and honest feedback, regardless of whether it’s what you want to hear.

Moreover, proactivity is non-negotiable when looking for an estate agents’ firm who you can trust to facilitate a quick sale.

Value and Price Accordingly

Everyone has a preconception of how much their home is worth and, in many instances, this can work to the owner’s detriment when attempting to sell their property.

If your property is overpriced, then this will deter potential buyers. Place a realistic asking price, befitting of your property and increase the chances of a sale or even competition between multiple parties.

Make a Good First Impression

Remember, ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression.’ Therefore, your home must be appealing for any viewers. 

If the paintwork is chipped, touch it up; if you’re a hoarder, declutter; if rooms are dark, brighten them up with accessories and so forth.

Be honest and ask yourself: ‘Would I buy my home in its current state?’ If not, address areas for improvement.

Collect Necessary Documentation 

Ensuring that all the required paperwork is in place can save time further down the line.

You’ll need a fittings and fixtures list, EPC certificate (a legal requirement), as well as a confirmation of what isn’t going to be included in any pending sale. 

If refurbishments have been completed on the property, it’s important to submit planning consents to the new owner. 

Hire a Recommended Solicitor

Employing a solicitor is fundamental when trying to quickly sell your home before Christmas. Again, research reputable firms and seek recommendations from estate agents, as a mediocre solicitor will hinder the process and could jeopardise the sale.

Secure a Removal Company

Have you ever envisioned the scenario of completing the intricacies of your purchase, only to find that you can’t find a removal company?

Removal companies can be scarce at Christmas time, therefore, if you’re planning on moving at this time of year, be sure to book in advance.

Before you schedule, don’t panic – make sure you get as many quotes as possible to ensure that you’re paying a reasonable price.

Plan Thoroughly

Whether you’re moving to a new house in the summertime or on Christmas Day, make no qualms about it, relocating can be stressful. Therefore, plan thoroughly and implement all possible measures to ensure that the day is exciting, not distressing.

If you have young children in your family, it’s advised to make childcare arrangements; naturally, they can get bored and derail your plans.

Pad Residential: Expert Estate Agents in Manchester

Based in Manchester city centre, Pad Residential are experienced estate agents, who have supported various clients when moving home during the Christmas period.

Formed in 1998, Pad Residential works in collaboration with Scanlans Property Management LLP and houses a specialist in-house team with knowledge on how to facilitate quick sales.

Are you hoping to kick-start a quick sale for your property? Contact Pad Residential on 0161 839 9654 for bespoke, expert advice – we’d be delighted to help.

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