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The focal point of a series of thrilling investments, Manchester has entered new dawn epitomised by innovation, excitement, and modernism. Estate agents, Manchester-based are being inundated with interest from a range of inhabitants.

Such is the level of outlay afforded to the city and surrounding areas, masses of property buyers have moved North, keen to experience the exhilarating new chapter in the city’s already illustrious history; as such, estate agents Manchester-based are being inundated with requests for premium property.

With a growing legion of visitors regularly visiting Manchester, it’s become increasingly apparent why the city affectionately known as Cottonopolis has been named the most liveable city in the UK by the Economist’s Liveability Index for 2019, ousting competition from the likes of Liverpool, Birmingham, and London.

Estate Agents and Increasing Manchester Demands

While London has often been considered the pinnacle of city living within the United Kingdom, Manchester has experienced a period of monumental growth during the last fifteen years. In 2004, 10,315 people were residing in Deansgate and Piccadilly, yet fifteen years later, this number has risen by a staggering 185%.

Estate agents based in Manchester are continually being faced with demands for property within the city centre, with Manchester home to exciting job prospects. For instance, it’s been estimated that there will be a 50% increase in new job numbers by 2025, with sectors including creative, digital, finance, construction, business and retail expected to flourish.

Employment prospects within the city are a contributory factor as to why more people are deciding to settle in Manchester – it’s been indicated that the population will rise by 56,000 by 2034. Profiles of current buyers have seen the average age of Manchester citizens drop to twenty-nine, while the average income has increased.

With the eagerly awaited HS2 railway network set to enhance connectivity between Manchester and the UK’s leading cities, such statistics are indicative of Manchester as the new base for young professionals, with many deciding to reside in Manchester and commute to jobs within the capital city and beyond.

Pad Residential Estate Agents: Our Manchester Recommendations

Estate Agents in Manchester have seen an upsurge in property purchases in recent years, with the city popular amongst investors, buyers, and renters alike.

Although some may suggest that Manchester offers a standard urban living experience, there is an array of distinct areas sprinkled throughout the city, each with their own identity and quaint characteristics. Such diversity continues to win plaudits and attract a range of new residents to the city centre.

Each area within Manchester is unique and has distinct qualities that should be considered when moving to the city; for prospective city dwellers, it’s important to consider multiple factors before deciding where to settle, such as facilities, nearby amenities, bars and restaurants and cost of living.

Here at Pad Residential, an accomplished estate agents in Manchester, we provide support for a range of clientele seeking properties in Manchester and have pinpointed the following locations as hotspots within the city:

Northern Quarter

The Northern Quarter is an in-demand area within Manchester and is arguably the hippest area in the city.

Situated within walking distance of Manchester Piccadilly train station, the Northern Quarter is home to some of the quirkiest bars, restaurants, and independent shops.

Laden with cobbled side streets, chic eateries and live-music venues, the Northern Quarter is awash with endless surprises waiting to be uncovered.


Castlefield is a quaint area situated on the periphery of the city centre, near the Museum of Science and Industry, as well as the Castlefield Bowl. 

Manchester is renowned for its iconic music scene and Castlefield is an area within the city with strong ties to musical heritage. 

Located amid in-demand newbuilds, the Castlefield Bowl is an iconic open-air venue, that’s welcomed a host of internationally acclaimed acts including Kylie Minogue, Blossoms, Morrissey, Hacienda Classical, The Last Shadow Puppets, and many more.

When music concerts aren’t taking centre stage, the areas rooftop bars, terraces and pubs are awash with locals and visitors alike; the area also offers a repertoire of stunning restaurants. 

Blessed with an array of amenities and a stunning location, Castlefield is popular amongst both investors and property hunters.


A hive of urban activity, Deansgate is home to some of Manchester’s most recognisable bars, restaurants, and landmarks.

While the likes of the Northern Quarter are known for their more casual approach, Deansgate is the epitome of grandeur, with boutique stores and high-end eateries lining the streets.

Deansgate is an area of the city renowned for combining glitz and glamour, with Barton Arcade offering an array of stores and upmarket coffee shops, while Beetham Tower offers luxurious city-centre living and stunning amenities, including a bar on the twenty-third floor with panoramic views of the city below.

Pad Residential: Skilled Estate Agents; Manchester Experts

Whether you’re new to Manchester or have been in the city for a prolonged period, it’s essential to identify a suitable property and location.

In consulting an estate agent, Manchester property searches needn’t be overwhelming or laborious. Here at Pad Residential, we offer in-depth, specialist advice for clientele experiencing any uncertainty or deliberation when looking for a new home or investment property.

Moreover, there are instances whereby second income investors may require guidance in an area where they have little expertise. Pad Residential is an estate agent, Manchester-based, who offer a range of services and provide thorough, bespoke support, irrespective of your circumstances.

Contact Pad Residential on 0161 839 9654 to discuss your personal requirements with our expert, Manchester-based estate agents today.

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