7 Better Ways To Be A Better Landlord

Communication Is Key


Maintaining regular communication with your tenant through PAD will allow you to build positive relationships. This can be done in a number of ways and would include being there when you are needed. PAD can help by

  • Sending Rent Receipts: After your tenants have paid their rent, PAD sends them a receipt. This is done via email, letter or text to let them know we have received their rent. Additionally, it provides the tenants with peace of mind and will help to create trust.
  • Giving Tenants Plenty of Notice: When visiting the property, whether for viewings for prospective tenants or making repairs, give the current tenants plenty of notice. This will help you to establish convenient times for your tenants who will feel less intruded on.

Leave Your Tenants Be



Although this point may feel contradictory to point one, there is an explanation for this. Your tenants have a legal right to live in a quiet and relatively undisturbed home. Therefore visiting the property at every available hour actually goes against their statutory rights and could leave you in a lot of trouble. So if you have no reason to contact them, don’t. 

Be Quick With Responses


When your tenant or Agent contacts you, this may often be regarding an urgent repair or an issue with the property. To create a trusting relationship, you must respond quickly to all queries. Whether it’s a quick message to say you’ll look into it, or require a more detailed response, try to contact them as soon as possible. Taking too long to reply, may lead to you being reported, which creates much bigger issues further down the line. If you change your contact details or move then be sure to tell us.

Be Approachable


By being an approachable landlord, you will instantly be perceived positively. It creates good relationships all round and means that the tenants are more likely to approach you or your agent should an issue arise. For example, should your tenants want to have a pet, and the contract outlined ‘no pets’, they may choose to negotiate with an approachable landlord as opposed to one not open to conversation at all, where they may decide to get a pet without asking permission.

Make Sure That What You’re Doing Is Legal


Following your legal obligations as a landlord, means much less mess and minimal disruption. There are very large fines when it comes to things such as gas safety checks, rental income and deposit protection schemes. It’s so much easier to follow the law than inevitably facing court further down the line. Do let PAD guide you through this changeable and topical pathway.

Carry Out Regular Inspections


PAD perform regular inspections, we are able to source out minor issues before they come major problems. In the eyes of your tenants, it also shows that your serious about the business that you’re in, and genuinely want to make sure that everything is okay. PAD undertake written reports with photographs, and for extra brownie points, you have more current knowledge about your property after receiving that report. 

Keep All Documents Up To Date



Nearly all tenancies should have the following documentation associated with them: PAD have our PropertyFile portal site that can store the following documents

  • Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement
  • Tenancy Application Form
  • Inventory
  • Guarantor Form

For a smooth tenancy period, keep all your documents up to date, with both digital and paper copies. This will help to provide both your tenants and yourself with peace of mind.


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