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Landlord Responsibilities: Gas Safety

Gas Safery

As a landlord in the United Kingdom, you have three main responsibilities if you let a property equipped with gas appliances. You are responsible for ensuring all gas pipework and appliances are maintained in a safe condition. It is also your responsibility to service gas... read more

Pad Residential’s Top Tips: 5 Things To Avoid

Buying properties can be an attractive venture and it can earn a healthy return on investment. But it also carries risks and there are five things you should avoid when looking for properties in which to invest.   Properties should be avoided if they are low lying... read more

Landlord Responsibilities: Energy Performance Certificates

Landlord Responsibilities EPC The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a guide to tenants or potential buyers of a property to its energy efficiency. The rating is dependant on factors such as date of construction, location, and fittings such as heating systems, insulation... read more

Pad Residential’s Top Tips For Potential Landlords

Pad ‘s Residential Top Tips for Potential Landlords There is a lot to consider when deciding to rent out your property or buying to rent, and there are many laws that landlords have to comply with. Ensuring that you know your responsibilities and obligations, and how to... read more

The Hot Topic: No DSS And Equality Laws

DSS stands for Department of Social Security, an old phrase that means anyone who is utilising government benefits. There is increasing pressure on landlords and letting agents whom advertise ‘no DSS’ on their properties as it is considered a form of discrimination. A... read more

Landlord Responsibilities: Legionella Disease

Landlord Responsibilities- Legionella Disease

Legionella is a pneumonia-like disease, which is commonly caused by inhalation of small droplets of contaminated water. If you are a landlord and rent out your property then you have the legal responsibility to ensure the health and safety of your tenant by keeping the... read more

The Immigration Act – What It Means For Landlords

The Immigration Act - What It Means For Landlords

The immigration act of 2016 was introduced to tackle illegal immigration by making it harder to work illegally in the U.K. The Act gives the Home Secretary the power to serve a Notice to the landlord notifying them that the person or persons occupying the property have been... read more

Selective Licensing: Guidance For Landlords And Managing Agents

Selective Licensing

Selective licensing is a programme that requires landlords or managing agents to licence their properties if they rent a home in a specific area. The scheme is designed to help improve housing and management standards in areas where there are lots of private landlords,... read more

Increasing Demand For Buy-To-Let Mortgages

Demand increases for buy-to-let mortgages

2018 is shaping up to be a good year for the private rental sector, as new data suggests there will be a strong start the upcoming year. Despite falling in 2016, buy-to-let mortgages have risen during the third quarter for 2017, up 1% from the pervious quarter, more... read more

Holiday Opening Times

Open as usual up to Saturday 23rd December, closing at 2pm   Closed 24th, 25th and 26th December 2017   Open Wednesday 27th December 2107 - 10am until 4pm Thursday 28th December 2107 - 10am until 4pm Friday 29th December 2107 - 10am until... read more

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