April 2019

Interior Design 101: Bohemian

This rich and decadent interior design style is full of color, patterns and dream catchers. And when executed well, can create a truly magical space. http://luxury-interior-design.com/ The word itself, ‘bohemian’, refers to someone described as socially... read more

Interior Design 101: Scandi

Scandinavian styles are very popular at the moment and combine two key factors; minimalism and functionality. The style came about during the 1930s from Nordic countries. These countries are often covered in snow for much of the year and feature great forests full of trees.... read more

Easter Holiday Opening Times

Open as usual up to Thursday 18th April 2019, closing at 5.30pm.Closed 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd April 2019. Open as usual 9am Tuesday 23rd April 2019. Wishing all our clients and customers a Happy Easter... read more

Interior Design 101: Art Deco

Maybe you've just bought your dream home and want to start throwing around some new ideas. Or perhaps you're down-scaling and want to create a desirable living space. We're going to give you your new style bible and show you exactly how to redesign your space, for whatever... read more

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